Newsletter : Mar’18


We love geeking out at the latest gadgets and innovations. Who doesn’t love the advancements that have come with the smartphone, not to mention what’s to come with virtual reality and artificial intelligence. But tech isn’t just machines. It affects society – how we live, how we consume information, how we interact with one another. We’ve been watching Facebook’s role in Russia’s meddling of the US elections.

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Newsletter : Feb’18

It’s not a fad. Blockchain is a revolution. Introduced along with bitcoin, it is a digitized ledger that “links batches of transactions” to blocks. Each block is encrypted. No block can be altered or deleted. That’s the beauty of this technology. And that’s precisely why it’s going to be big. Blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency.

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Newsletter : Jan’18

Happy New Year!

What are we looking at in 2018? Money. Specifically, how we spend it and move it around. We’ve been big on FinTech for the past few years. With the rise of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, we don’t doubt that there will be big things happening in the intersection of banking, finance, and tech.

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