Newsletter : Mar’18


We love geeking out at the latest gadgets and innovations. Who doesn’t love the advancements that have come with the smartphone, not to mention what’s to come with virtual reality and artificial intelligence. But tech isn’t just machines. It affects society – how we live, how we consume information, how we interact with one another. We’ve been watching Facebook’s role in Russia’s meddling of the US elections.

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Newsletter : Feb’18

It’s not a fad. Blockchain is a revolution. Introduced along with bitcoin, it is a digitized ledger that “links batches of transactions” to blocks. Each block is encrypted. No block can be altered or deleted. That’s the beauty of this technology. And that’s precisely why it’s going to be big. Blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency.

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Newsletter : Jan’18

Happy New Year!

What are we looking at in 2018? Money. Specifically, how we spend it and move it around. We’ve been big on FinTech for the past few years. With the rise of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, we don’t doubt that there will be big things happening in the intersection of banking, finance, and tech.

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Newsletter : Nov’17

In startup circles, everyone is wild about Dubai. It is the center for all things MENA tech. This month, however, we’re seeing interesting developments out of Saudi Arabia. The country has pushed forward Vision 2030 – to diversify Saudi’s economy, moving it away from oil. The country has several incubators, Badir, Afkar, Kaust. And one of the hottest apps, Sarahah. Despite the political intrigues in the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia is a place to watch. And so are emerging markets. Not only are we seeing them push forward toward growth, but they’re strategizing and collaborating with one another. Whereas Silicon Valley and the U.S. used to be the hub, we’re seeing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East merge closer together – merging markets.

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Newsletter : Oct’17

Tricks are supposed to be scary. No one wants one done to them. But what if we told you that it’s good to trick yourself – to think differently? Fall brings about change to the weather, the leaves – why not to our mindsets? We’re focused on new approaches this month. Check out our After Hours section for more ways to look at the world and yourself a little differently. It is the ultimate treat.

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Newsletter : Sep’17

September isn’t merely the end of summer. With shorter and cooler days, it’s back to school and work. Yet, it’s not a chore. In many ways, September is like a blank slate – a new start to focus on all the things on our minds (and, hopefully, lists). We’re ready to take charge. And, boy, is there a lot to take charge of. Those headlines can make one think that there is no hope. All the more reason to dive into creation and innovation. Let’s do this.

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Bu adamlar deli mi?


Türk şirketlerinin 2023’e kadar 64 milyar doları yurtdışındaki alım ve yatırımlara yöneltmesi bekleniyormuş[1].

Sevindirici bir gelişme; dünya sadece bulunduğunuz ülkeden ibaret değil, fırsatları kollamak, farklı ülke ve sektörlere açılmak bu rekabet ortamında her işletmenin olmazsa olmazı.

Benim anlamadığım, Türk şirketlerinin burnunun dibinde olan diğer fırsatları görmüyor olması.

Bu ülkeden dünya çapında başarı hikayesi olma yolunda ilerleyen teknoloji şirketleri çıkıyor. Bunlar büyük bir hızla ve özellikle Türkiye dışında büyüyor.

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Newsletter : Aug’17

It’s summahhh time…. We are working, we swear. In fact, we’re exercising our brains, brushing up on all things startup, VC, AI, VR, and MENA. Here’s our August Index of things we’re focused on, prepping for September. That’s right, back to school is around the corner. And we are so going to ace class this year.

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