givin // Social Impact Startup

Social enterprises (SE) are spreading around the globe rapidly. A remarkable example for them in Turkey is a beautiful new-born ‘givin’ which combines growing online shopping with social impact trends. Through givin mobile app, users can sell any unused items and donate the proceedings to NGO projects that they choose, very easily.

givin, a for-profit SE, defines itself as a marketplace for purposeful shopping since the payments are allocated to fund good causes. Considering the research showing that 91% of global consumers are likely to prefer brands and offers with a good cause, givin has tapped into an interesting and fruitful land. It is very critical to ensure sustainability and scalability of the SEs and for that

It is very critical to ensure sustainability and scalability of the SEs and for that givin has a solid income model; to get 20% service fee from the transactions. And corporate sponsorships are on the way as we speak.

Although, a 1-month-old marketplace has been focusing more on products sales, givin also has talent and experience based donation offers indicating a potential to expand. The marketplace has started as C2C but there are plans to include the brands as donors, since it provides an efficient Corporate Social Responsibility platform where brands can meet their products and services with their target audience, do good together with them and enhance their brand image.

givin’s professional and passionate co-founders complete each other: a marketing person with international work experience in a large MNC and a tech guy who has a software development company with a team of 20 talented developers. Co-founders target to expand

The co-founders target to expand givin internationally and have the first social enterprise exit in Turkey. It is worth watching givin closely as it is surfing on the global trend and the initial indicators are showing some attractive potential.

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Written by guest writer Basak Süer